Vale da TelhaAs the summer season approaches we are getting more enquiries for holiday rentals, more people looking at local property and more visitors on the website.

Occasionally on the forum we have some discussions about Vale da Telha, the good points and the bad. Many of you who live here are very vocal in your support of the local area and so for this reason we are throwing the website wide open to let you have your say.

Why should people come to Vale to Telha – for holidays or to live?

If you would like to write a short article (any length will do), or send in some photos or both then please email us at You can be anonymous if you wish but the aim is to get as much information on the site as possible.

Remember there are plenty of people who read this website from all over, not just Vale da Telha, people who are looking for maybe a new home or a place to go on holiday. The more information we can give them as to why they should come here the better, so if you want to help Vale da Telha then send us your thoughts!

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