Now! Just a quick one for you all. I have been down to the Freguesia today regarding voting in the local elections. Now all of you who are residents here can apply to vote, but it needs to be done before the 1st of August for these elections. Therefore Monday!

Need to take your residencia down to the Freguesia and ask for recenseamento eleitoral

Se e um cidadao de outro pais da UE com residencia legal em Portugal:
Deve identificar-se com titulo valido de identificacao e fazer prova de residencia legal em Portugal atraves de qualquer meio que a prove, nomeadamente Certificado de Registo de Cidadao da Uniao ou Certificado de Residencia Permanente de Cidadao da Uniao.


If you are a citizen of another EU country with legal residence in Portugal:

They must identify themselves with a valid form of identification and proof of legal residence in Portugal, namely the Certificate of registration as a citizen of the European Union or the Permanent Residence certificate of the Union citizen (Residencia).

Thanks to Matt Jnr of Chestertons for the info



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