Vale Da Telha Arts And Crafts Fair 2017

The Algarve’s most talented artists and artisans are returning to Vale Da Telha to stage their fourth Arts & Crafts Fair.

Some of the Algarve’s finest painters, fashion, fabric and jewellery designers, glassmakers and textile designers will exhibit their wares in the fair back at the Restaurante Vale Da Telha on Saturday September 30th between 11am and 5pm.

The previous three Fairs were such a success that the organisers are staging another repeat performance in our welcoming community.

Entrance is free, snacks and drinks will be available to purchase and proceeds will go to local animal charity the Aljezur Environment and Animal Shelter (AEZA).

Many of the exhibitors from the previous three fairs—along with other talented artists and artisans showing for the first time in the area—will be back to showcase their talents.

Unique handcrafted gifts and collectables will be on show and available to buy, including the delights of a chocolate creator, glass, fine handmade jewellery, original artwork, porcelain, soaps and lotions, leatherware, feltware, prints and greeting cards, textiles, preserves and pickles and much more.



Botanical artist Susan J Puttick, one of the organisers and exhibitors at the fair explained: “The three previous shows were so well received by the people of Vale Da Telha and Aljezur that we wanted to go back there as soon as possible.

“Originally it was an experiment to see if it would capture the interest of the residents in an area where exhibitions and fairs of this nature were rarely seen.

“But the first three were such a huge success and so well received by the people out on the west coast that we felt it worthwhile following up that interest and enthusiasm with a fourth fair.”

Susan added: “Our artists have all been hard at work producing their unique creations for the fair and with Christmas not that far away there will be plenty of gift ideas on display—not to mention the sweet delights of a superbly talented chocolatier!”

There will be porcelain works characterised by the material, and its simple forms with its curved surfaces, texture and colour. These porcelain pieces are decorated with coloured glazes inside, whilst the exterior is unglazed, taking advantage of its porcelain properties: delicacy, strength, translucency, impermeability.





There will be designer jewellery created from fine and unique glass work from all over the world, plus prints of botanical artwork as well as cards available.

There will be fine watercolours and acrylics, and fantastic Christmas cards, especially designed to encompass tradition with the Algarve and always with humour.


Glass creations will be on show and on sale; jewellery, jars, lights and decorations, all of them utilising the brilliant colours and luminosity of the glass selected, really beautiful work, especially when it catches the light.

There is felt work, created by patiently manipulating beautifully soft Merino wool and baby camel hair with silk and cotton to produce fine wraps, scarves and delightful flowers with a new range of orchids and that essential stocking filler – a designer keyring.


You will find beautiful handmade soaps and cream, all with their natural fragrances and a wonderful range of handcrafted leather belts.

“And other stalls exquisite wired dragonflies and, now, butterflies, plus individual and colourful candles will also be available.






Fi-line fashions in Almaçao de Pera will showcase just the right fashions to suit us all. It’s always a pleasure to peruse their treasury of designs.”

Susan added: “Entrance is free and each artist or artisan will have his or her own table, all arranged alongside the outside of the room to allow free movement between all the exhibits.

“Drink and snacks will be available to purchase and the event will raise money for local animal charity the Aljezur Environment and Animal Shelter (AEZA).”

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