Here ist the invitation for the Charity-Service in English.
Would you be so kind to publish a note on the Vale da Telha site? May be you could write it with the addition, that somebody who isn´t interested or not able to join the service could bring some durable foodstuffs even the days before to M 24. Thanks and best regards, Doris

Dear friends, nearby or far away,

we want to inform you about the next oecumenical international service in the “Casa da Paz“, here in our house in Vale da Telha, Sector M, Lote 24(to find the way to our house, please contact us Tel. 282 997 007) on Saturday, the 7th of October at 5 p.m..

On this occasion we want to invite you to participate in this service and to inform all interested friends by sending this mail, especially English and Portuguese. Please fix this date and inform us if you can participate.

The first weekend in October is the usually weekend for harvest festival (Thanksgiving Day), and traditionally the churches are decorated with the fruits of the harvest, to thank the Lord for all products.

We ask you to bring with you not only something to eat for our sitting after the service (we will be responsible for the drinks and cakes!) but also to spend some durable foodstuffs to assist needy families in Aljezur like you did it already in thr last years. Even here in Aljezur there are families who need assistance, we could help them by this activity and the “Vicentinas” (Conferência de São Vicente de Paulo) will be responsible for the distribution of your donations.

This international oecumenical service will be led by Pastor Manfred Otterstätter from the DEKA, the german speaking protestant-lutheran church in the Algarve/Carvoeiro, he will stay in the Algarve for the next 10 months.

The small “Choir of Monte Serranito”, leaded by Doris Rohr on the piano, will sing international songs. We hope you will enjoy to sing and pray with us.

Best regards

Doris Wroblewski and Uwe Zelinsky

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