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Cathy’s 3rd Annual Bar Walk

Cath’s Charity Bar Walk 2017 Raises More Than €2,000 The Vale Da Telha Charity Bar Walkers raised more than €2,000 for local children last weekend—and they also raised a thousand smiles along the 2.2-mile (3.54km) route on the Algarve’s west coast. The final sum is... read more

Vale Da Telha Arts And Crafts Fair 2017

Vale Da Telha Arts And Crafts Fair 2017 The Algarve’s most talented artists and artisans are returning to Vale Da Telha to stage their fourth Arts & Crafts Fair. Some of the Algarve’s finest painters, fashion, fabric and jewellery designers, glassmakers and... read more

Thanksgiving Day, Saturday, the 7th of October at 5 p.m

Here ist the invitation for the Charity-Service in English. Would you be so kind to publish a note on the Vale da Telha site? May be you could write it with the addition, that somebody who isn´t interested or not able to join the service could bring some durable... read more

Help wanted

Help Wanted – Sector G Vale da Telha. There is a small colony of cats that we need to get sterilised before they have more kittens. We need volunteers to set the traps and check on them regularly. Then transport the cat and trap to the vets to be sterilised then... read more

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