LUBE JOB – Movie

The film LUBE JOB reports the very negative impact that oil exploration is taking from decades in Louisiana, state of the Atlantic coast south of the United States of North America.
It serves as a preview of what may happen in the Algarve, if the activity of research, prospecting and exploration of hydrocarbons take place, which has been announced and it is about to begin.

Already the simple search actions are accompanied by annoyances of various kinds, of losses and may lead to environmental disasters.

It is of great importance, therefore, help to inform and alert in relation to this activity, which in the current conjecture and in Portugal have no reason to be !!!

Be welcome and please divulge this session. Free entry.

Informed citizens can and should perform well their rights and duties of citizenship, particularly in Portugal, conferred by Article 66 of the Portuguese Constitution.

Article 66 – (Environment and quality of life)
1. Everyone has the right to an environment of humane, healthy and ecologically balanced environment and the duty to defend it.
2. To ensure the right to the environment in the context of sustainable development, the State must, through appropriate bodies and with the involvement and participation of citizens:
Complemented with several points ….

Lube Job

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