The municipality of Aljezur will present on 11 November at 17.30h, in the auditorium of the Town Hall, the 5th edition of its cultural magazine – Al-Rihana.

From the Câmara Municipal de Aljezur website (translated):

This number has on its cover a picture of the tapestry of Severo Portela Júnior, which evokes the “embodiment of Almada in the Portuguese Crown by King Dinis in a letter of escambro granted to December 1, 1297.”

The World of Culture could not imagine that a small county like Aljezur, close down and made so many born, so good and outstanding issues that have been part of the cultural magazine that will have in the 5th paragraph.

This issue covers topics very varied! Once again the employees, with their generosity, study and knowledge, but also with the value that helps us, put Aljezur in the spotlight: Dr No Ruy Ventura, with an article “For a letter toponymic Region of Aljezur; Master José Antonio de Jesus Martinez, with the theme “D. Francisco Gomes of Avelar (CO) 1789 – Bishop of the Algarve – 1816, by Professor Dr. Rosa Varela Gomes and Mário Varela Gomes Architect “archaeological work at the Tower of Odeceixe – the first results (2007-2009), the Architect Miguel Carvalho Purple,” Aljezur and the New Church: A Morphological Reading, “” The mill of Gralheira in Aljezur (news) “from Dr. Marie-Louise Estacio da Veiga Pereira, an article on” John Dias Mendes – Pharmacist in Lagos in the early twentieth Sé (1908 -1934) Ladies Maria Olympia Mendes and Mary Frances Mendes Barreto, Dr António Polycarp, we have an article “Tapestry Severe Portela Júnior” the arch of Mário Varela Gomes, have “Fragment of sword, from the Bronze Age, End of Fear the Espartal, and still the superior technique in Tourism of the Municipality of Aljezur, a vision on the theme “Tourism and Aljezur.”

These are articles in several themes that make this 5th edition of the magazine Al-Rihan, themes that mark us and cause us to go over a “little” in the history of Aljezur, which have much more to tell, on issues it will follow.

In this fifth edition we want to highlight and thank all those who throughout the various figures has contributed, in a generous, passionate and selfless giving to the municipality of Aljezur could intensify and record for posterity, themes that put us in the center of attention .

At a time of uncertainty, it is important to join efforts in all areas! With these wishes and generosity that we are strengthening and enriching, in this case, culturally, our county and our people.

Obrigado e bem hajam!

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