Over the next few weeks we will be publishing posts with information about Aljezur and the Aljezur district, in particular the historical and archaeological sites in the area. Our main source of information about these subjects is the Associação de Defesa do Património Histórico e Arqueológico de Aljezur (Association for the Defense of Historical and Archaeological Heritage of Aljezur).This article provides some very useful information about the association. 

The Association for the Defense of Historical and Archaeological Heritage of Aljezur is a non-profit association, founded in February 12 of 1996 and until today we have over 260 individual and collective associates. We are officially recognized as a Public Utility Institution since 2003, and we were awarded with the Gold Medal of Cultural Merit by the municipality of Aljezur. We are also a member of the National Council CPCCRD (Portuguese Confederation of Collectives of Culture, Recreation and Sports) since 2007.
Aljezur Excavations
The objectives according to the Statutes are the recovery of cultural identity and contribution to the development of Aljezur; Studying, promoting, raising awareness and defending its historical and cultural heritage through research, formation, treatment, restoration, etc.

So basically, we collect and make an inventory of material and non-material cultural heritage. We have a specialized Library and a Documentation Centre for consultation and provide various services to the community. Thus, we support students at all education levels, providing material for school and college homework, support the Archeology Club from Aljezur’s EBI/JI School. We promote exhibitions and seminars and edit publications (books, leaflets and newsletter – O Mirense).

Since our foundation we collaborate with the local authorities in cultural initiatives, as well as with schools. We promote and ensure the creation of a protocol agreement with the Municipality, so we have the management of the three museums in the historic centre of the village, which are integrated in a historic-cultural circuit, conceived by this Association, in particular the House Museum Painter José Cercas, Antoniano Museum, the Municipal Museum and the Sacred Art Museum, this last one belongs to the Santa Casa da Misericórdia of Aljezur.

We do tours in the historic center and to the most emblematic sites, were we developed several archaeological projects, in particular in Ribāt da Arrifana, the Islamic Silos by Barrada – Aljezur, the Medieval Cemetery in Aljezur, the Islamic Fishermen village by Carrapateira and the Islamic Tower in Odeceixe.

For any more information just contact us:
Associação de Defesa do Património Histórico e Arqueológico de Aljezur website
Address: Rua João Mendes, no48, 8670-086 Aljezur.
Email: adpha@sapo.pt
Tel: 282 991 011

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