The Algarve Daily News has recently reported on another potential disastrous development on the last few remaining untouched areas of the Western coast. Most of us chose to live in this reason due to the relatively unspoilt and beautiful scenery. Unfortunately it seems that the powers that be prefer to destroy it for profit.

The article refers “the government’s agreement to a tourism project on the protected Alentejo coast.”

“According to Quercus, the project will destroy the habitat of plant and animal species by changes to the estuary of the River Mira required for the construction of berths for leisure boats, and the conversion of 55 hectares of farmland into an urban development.

The ‘Projeto de Desenvolvimento Turístico e Ambiental de Vila Formosa’ was approved on 30th November to include 55 hectares of urbanised area “for a hotel, two holiday villages and equipment for sports and themed events.

Another truly worrying development for the region. For more information read the full article on the Algarve Daily News and check out the Quercus website for updates to all their campagins.

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